About Us

We offer a culture of empowerment, integrity and accountability.

Our Mission

  • To conduct our business with integrity and honesty, this being the driving force behind the respect we have for our employee's, our clients, our suppliers, our competitors, and ourselves.
  • To promote our company's culture in a way that continuously develops our quality systems, our skills, and our excellence in service commitment.
  • To provide our competitors with a worthy opponent.
  • To provide our clients with commitment, solutions, and service to meet their expectations.
  • To contribute to the positive growth of our company, our people's aspirations, and our countries goodwill.

Company Directors

Our team’s combined skills and education enables us to give you quality products and services to ensure that all expectations are met.

Corporate Structure

The company was originally founded by Ben Tricoli in 1976, during the following years the company structure changed from time to time to keep up with progress and to meet the market demands. Today the company stands proud of its achievements over the years.
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